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Watch: Giant Seven-Year-Old Boy Swats All Before Him In Remarkable Show Of Strength

In a remarkable show of strength and power, a video has emerged of a giant seven-year-old boy swatting all before him on the way to scoring an amazing try.

The young kid of Samoan descent scored his wonder try during an under-eights rugby league game between his club St John’s Eagles and Moorebank Rams in the Canterbury Bulldogs Junior’s league.

Dwarfing his teammates and opposition players, the young powerhouse is unstoppable in a run that brought back memories of former All Black legend New Zealand’s demolition job of England in the 1995 World Cup.

Over 50,000 people have watched the eye-opening video since it was posted over the weekend.

His immense size has naturally led to questions about the boy’s age but an official from the league confirmed through inspection of his passport that he is indeed seven-years old.

The fact that the boy is double the weight of many of the opposition players has raised an issue which the National Rugby League in Australia have been juggling with for some time.

The league which is responsible for administering the game in Australia, have been pondering for some time about changing junior competitions from an age-based to a weight-based system.

With kids’ safety at the forefront of their minds, the idea is being trialled at the moment in Sydney.

The Chairman of St John’s Eagles, Nasser Matta, was lavish in his praise of the youngster, describing him as a ”nice gentle boy”.

“He’s aware of his size”, Matta told Australian site

“He could pick up kids with one hand if he wanted to but he’s just a nice gentle boy. He’s a good kid from a good family who just loves playing footy.

“We just follow the rules-and there are some even bigger kids playing.”

Adding that he didn’t want to put the boy off from playing because of his size, he said:

“I don’t want the kid to think he doesn’t deserve to play footy because of his size.”

The issue of size and safety is not only restricted to League circles in Australia. There have been calls for the ARU (Australian Rugby Union) to implement a weight-based system within its junior based competitions for the same reasons.

Interestingly, junior competitions in the union code in New Zealand have been successfully using the model for some time.

Hefin Jones, Pundit Arena


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