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Watch: A Flock Of Birds Caused Utter Carnage At NRC Semi-Final

In case you missed this gem from the weekend, you cannot escape the birds! The NRC semi final between Brisbane City and Sydney Stars. 

Aussie commentators? Check. Uncontrollable animals? Check. This video already has two components that are sure to generate a laugh. Throw in some Rugby and we’re all over this. The manic chirping just does not stop throughout the video. It’s hard to take anything seriously, despite it being a semi-final when there are birds and support staff everywhere.

The attack of the birds goes on for far, far too long. And commentator Sean Maloney cannot contain how much he’s enjoying this.

The Spur-winged Plover is apparently the culprit and they’re known to get aggressive when anyone gets too close. And they especially hate animals or humans who get too close to their offspring. Which begs the question, what were they doing on a pitch surround by thirty very large humans?

What sort of animal invasion can we expect for the final?


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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.