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Vine: Match Photographer Gets Sick Of How Much The TMO Was Used In England Vs Fiji

Nobody wanted to be the one to screw up the opener to Rugby World Cup 2015. So the TMO brought it upon himself to rid any potential controversy from the game. And that really annoyed some people. 

This photographer has had enough. It was a Friday night, maybe he had to cancel dinner plans to be here. All he wanted was a nice, free-flowing game of Rugby with plenty of action shots to please his employer. And while he did get some good tries and play, he got some very tetchy officials.

Nobody wants to be the first guy to f**k up Rugby World Cup 2015. And nobody wants to be the guy to f**k up the home nation at any point. So last night’s game was a perfect storm for shirking responsibility. And when you don’t want to make the final call yourself, you take that can and you kick it as far as you can down the road.

The TMO last night was very, very active last night, calling up five individual reviews for the referee. And while it got a little repetitive the man was right on all of them. Still, that didn’t seem to fly with this photographer.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.