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VIDEO: How Was This Chokehold From Jocelino Suta Only A Penalty?

Leinster almost pulled off what was previously viewed as inconceivable in the Champions Cup semi final yesterday.

It was a hard fought affair with both sides guilty of foul play on more than one occasion, however this incident in the second half stood out as the worst of the bunch.

Toulon replacement Jocelino Suta took issue with Richardt Strauss during a ruck and decided he needed to be taught some sort of lesson. Suta decided to grab Straus around his neck and choke him as he brought him to the ground. Most worryingly, Strauss can be seen in absolute panic and in clear fear for his own safety during the incident as he repeatedly taps on Suta’s arm in a plea to be released.

A choke hold such as this one would count as dangerous play according to the rules and as such it should have merited at least a yellow card. However, referee Wayne Barnes decided to only award a penalty for the incident and felt that no further action was warranted.

The horrible incident can be seen in full below.


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Author: The PA Team

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