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Video: An In-Depth Look At How The TMO & Hawk-Eye Actually Works At RWC ’15

There were some complaints that the TMO was perhaps being used as too much of crutch. But it’s a hugely important asset at the Rugby World Cup. 

The TMO is such an asset that perhaps sometimes we forget how great it is. Granted, over the first round matches we saw TMOs getting involved in issues that stretched back several phases of play and taking minutes upon minutes to make a decision.  But we’re lucky to have the ability to complain when compared to a sport like football, which is desperately calling out for reform.

This video goes behind the scenes on how the technology is actually used on match day. We learn the roles of everyone in the TMO’s booth when they’re called on under pressure.

Interesting to see how the technology is used to ensure player welfare. Now the medical teams for each nation have more info than ever to make the snap decisions they have to make on a player’s welfare. Hopefully we won’t be seeing anything  like the George North fiasco at the Millennium stadium.

It’s cool to have the officials involved in video technology actually explain not only what each component of that team and tech does, but why they do it.


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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.