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That’s It? England Finally Unveil Their RWC Jersey

After teasing England fans with a highly effective pre-order campaign, England’s Rugby World Cup jersey is finally here. 

For anyone that missed the teaser last month, England and Canterbury decided to test the commitment of fans, by having fans buy the Jersey on pre-order having only seen this image.

England kit

Anyone brave enough to buy a jersey they hadn’t seen was deemed a real fan. That mean they were entered into a draw to attend the official launch. There’d be meet and greets with the players, special seating for the press conference and a whole host of treats.

A good marketing ploy, after all, who really cares what they thing looks like, that’s not what supporting is about. But now the wait is over and the Jersey is here. And guess what, it’s exactly what you were expecting. A white Jersey, with a red rose. Shock horror.

It’s amazingly plain, crazy plain. Like there was some sort of concious effort to make the jersey the most plain, non-de-script England jersey Canterbury could conjure up. We do like that red rose though, almost looks 3D which is a pretty slick addition to what is a plain jersey. Did we mention we though it was plain?

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Author: The PA Team

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