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Sonny Bill Williams Tweets Images Of Dead Children To Highlight Horrors Of Syrian Conflict

Sonny Bill Williams has controversially highlighted the plight of children fleeing the war in Syria.

Although many of us have been over indulging this Christmas, the conflict in Syria continues to be remorselessly waged by numerous factions, alliances and international coalitions.

While news reports bring the war into our living rooms, the horrors of the unrelenting conflict can often be forgotten throughout this slow paced festive period.

However Sonny Bill Williams changed that this morning, tweeting two images of children killed in Syria.

The All Black Star has only recently returned from visiting refugee camps in Lebanon with Unicef. Upon returning to New Zealand, Williams admitted ‘how ignorant’ he was of the situation in the troubled region, in an interview with

Nonetheless, the actions of the World Cup winning centre have caused much debate, with some pointing out that Williams should refrain from posting such images without warning. Others though argue, that he was correct to highlight the bleak reality of what is happening in the war torn country.

However, given the serious nature of the subject matter, and Sonny Bill Williams’ consistent support for those fleeing Syria, we have decided to publish his tweet.

*Warning Graphic Images Published Below*






Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena

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