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Pics: A Tribute To Fantastically Awkward Six Nations Photoshoots

Six Nations

As any self-respecting sports fan knows that the Six Nations championship kicks off next weekend.

And that can only mean one thing; cringeworthy publicity photos.

Rory Best was Ireland’s representative at this year’s launch, and he acquits himself perfectly well in a particularly front row heavy shoot. On the face of

On the face of it, it seems quite a cringy pic with the smoke in the background looking particularly out of place in a vague attempt at creating atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 09.42.33

When it comes to being cringy however, this year’s fare wouldn’t even make the podium compared with efforts of the last 10 years.

Six Nations Launch Photos Since 2007

2015 surely deserves particular credit for their spectacularly awkward-looking ‘lunge’ at the trophy, in which French skipper Thierry Dusatoir looks perplexed that the photographers in question had really plunged to such depths.

Warburton’s expression in the same picture speaks of a man who can’t deal with such marketing puffery for much longer. Indeed, perhaps we’re naive to be surprised at his decision to step down as Welsh captain this year given that the job entails poses for shoots such as this!

2008 probably looks to be the pick of the bunch, given it’s one of the few in which some of the players look to be actually enjoying themselves. Brian O’Driscoll’s playful grin and Ryan Jones’ smirk look out of place given how natural they are compared to other shoots although Sergio Parissé’s glum demeanour does its best to offset such optimism.

The Italian number 8 has featured in eight of the last decade’s photoshoots, so if he’s getting sick of such events at this stage, that’s perfectly understandable.

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