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Rugby Stars React In Horror To News Of Brexit

Political commentators and pollsters were surprised by the victory of the leave campaign.

When the polls had closed last at 10 pm last night, it appeared the remain campaign would win the referendum on membership of the European Union by a narrow margin. Some bookmakers even shortened the odds of a remain victory to 10/1 on.

However when we awoke this morning, many of us were shocked to see that the Leave campaign had won by a narrow margin.

Such has been the impact of the news, David Cameron subsequently told reporters he intended to resign, and the financial markets went into meltdown.

The reverberations have also been felt in the southern hemisphere, where England and Wales are currently touring Australia and New Zealand respectively. Jamie Roberts, who publicly backed the remain side, lashed out at Britain’s education system for enabling Brexit, labelling the the result as an ‘uneducated vote’.

James Haskell was also taken aback by the result, citing immigration as the driving force behind the Leave’s victory. Danny Cipriani was ‘gutted’ by the result, and strangely questioned whether or not the electorate should have any say in the democratic process.

Brian Moore sarcastically applauded David Cameron, while Will Carling couldn’t believe what had just occurred.

Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena

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