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Opinion: Horror Collision In French Pro D2 Game Illustrated Poor Tackling Technique

Last week’s Pro D2 match between Dax and Albi brought about a truly shocking moment, when Albi winger Timilai Rokoduru chased a kick and went into tackle Dax full-back Martin Prat.

Rokoduru charged headlong into Prat and did not think about technique. The result of it being a clash of heads, both men going down and staying down.

Prat later came round, but he was in no state to continue the match. Rokoduru was brought to hospital for further assessment.

With all the talk of the risk of head trauma at the moment, including to children playing schools rugby, these type of images are not going to help. These horror moments will make everyone think again about the risks of rugby. But what will not be discussed is what actually caused the head trauma. Which is poor technique by the tackler.

Though we are all hoping Rokoduru is not seriously injured, and hope to see him play again soon, we have to agree this is his fault. If he had taken better care to tackle properly, he would not have injured himself. And he would not have injured the Dax full-back. Both men’s injuries are the result of one man’s poor technique and judgement.

And those are the things we learn as kids playing rugby. Using proper technique, you stop yourself being injured, and you make sure you protect your opponent from harm. And that sort of respect cannot be found, or learned, anywhere else.

Paul Peerdeman, Pundit Arena

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