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Opinion: Faked Moon Landings, Grassy Knolls, Lizard People And Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones really seems to be enjoying his mind games as England continue their tour of Australia, so much so that he continues to accuse the entire country of orchestrating a concerted campaign against his squad.

It all began when Eddie Jones had his bags searched by immigration when England landed at Brisbane and accused his home nation of planning to intimidate the squad.

“I just went through immigration and I got shunted through the area where everything got checked,” Jones was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

“That’s what I’m expecting mate. Everything that’s done around the game is going to be coordinated. All coordinated to help Australia win. We’ve got to be good enough to control what we can control.”

Now after tasting victory in the first test, Eddie Jones is going much further – suggesting David Pocock’s fractured eye socket might simply be a smokescreen.

“Pocock is certainly a good player and we wish him all the best and a speedy recovery,” Jones told the Telegraph. “I just hope he doesn’t recover in time for Saturday and you never know.”

Asked if he was serious, Jones added: “Well you never know. You never know.”

Australia v England


Not only that, but he has said there is apparently a huge list of Australians lining up to disrespect his England side, all in a coordinated attack on the visiting international squad (via Sky Sports):

“I’m sure they are all going to be lining up this week. There has been a row of ex-Wallabies so far – you’ve had Hoiles, you’ve had Simon Poidevin and you’ve had Kearns. David Campese has got to be somewhere. He’s coming for sure. I can see next week something is going to happen.”

So forget about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, lizard people, faked moon landings or grassy knolls, it appears that in conjunction with the Wallabies, the entire nation of Australian is assisting Michael Cheika and his men with intimidating Eddie Jones’ England side. Wake up, sheeple.

Either that or Jones is having the time of his life winding up the media Down Under. That, plus this tactic deflects the spotlight away from Jones’ players and coaches and keeps the focus firmly on Jones himself but also his Australian countrymen.

Moreover, Ex-Wallaby and current Fox Sports pundit Stephen Hoiles certainly provided Jones with enough conspiracy-themed ammunition by asking a totally bizarre question that was laced with sexual innuendos, which you can read more about via The Daily Mail.


Masterfully, the Aussie coach managed to turn this into a criticism of the whole approach the Australian media has taken to the touring nation’s visit to the country, proclaiming: “You’ve seen the promotions Fox Sports have been running this week and the kind of questions we get. It is quite demeaning and disrespectful to the team, so we’re not going to let this opportunity pass.” (via Sky Sports)

By painting the media in this way, Eddie Jones is protecting his side and it is something he did throughout the Six Nations – particularly when he took on a vow of silence before the Red Rose’s clash with Wales, an approach which allowed the coach to deviate away from awkward questions about a potential grand slam.

Now he is using a similar tactic to avoid the media building up pressure regarding a possible first ever England series win in Australia. Eddie Jones’ mock-conspiracy might just be his best handling of the press yet.

Paul Wassell, Pundit Arena

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Author: The PA Team

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