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Nigel Owens Strongly In Favour Of The Proposed Football Sin Bin

Top rugby referee, Nigel Owens has given his opinion on the prospect of the sin-bin being introduced to football. 

Owens, widely regarded as the leading referee in the world of rugby union, has backed the idea of introducing sin-bins into football, or “temporary dismissals” as the Football Association are dubbing them.

Australia v England

The FA have announced that they will trial the “temporary dismissal” next season in England around local football leagues, such as Sunday League and the six – seven divisions below the National Football League, in an attempt to put a halt to dissent and cynicism in the game.

A yellow card shown by the referee for dissent will now ensure a player must leave the field of play for ten minutes.

This has been the case since 2000 in rugby union and has proved a great success in controlling any dissent and cynicism in the game.

Manchester United

The 2015 Rugby World Cup final referee is all in favour of the proposal.

“I think football needs it. It will cut out the dissent, or certainly will help cut it out,” said Owens.

“In rugby … on average there are about seven or 10 points scored against the side that has had a player sin-binned,” he added.

“A goal in football when someone is off the field and his team is down to 10 men would be a huge difference.

“And it will ensure that the manager instils discipline in his players as well and in the way they conduct themselves on the field as far as respect and dissent goes so it’s hugely important I think that they do bring it in.”

If, as the 47-year-old Welshman points out, the introduction of a football sin-bin would lead to a decrease in dissent in the game and force managers to focus more on training the discipline of their players, it is difficult to disagree that it is a prospect worth looking further into.

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