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New Zealand Media Wants Fans To Be More Like Irish Supporters

New Zealand’s media laments the lack of atmosphere created by All Black fans.

New Zealand bring much to the game of rugby. For more than a century the All Blacks have set the standard on the field, as other sides struggle to keep up.

However some in New Zealand are beginning to lament the lack of atmosphere at All Black fixtures. In an article on, the website asked ‘Could you imagine the show NZ would have if supporters were more like Ireland’s?’.

Writing in an envious tone, Stuff openly accepted that All Black fans did not bring the same enthusiasm to stadiums as the green army.

Ireland’s Call is sung with the passion that can only come from a song designed to overturn centuries of division between north and south and, win or lose, The Fields of Athenry sung in the accent which has taken a record seven Eurovision Song Contests is a truly stunning sound.

Stuff went further, believing that it was an issue not unique to New Zealand, but all southern hemisphere supporters, save the Pumas.

Of course New Zealand fans can be relied on to bust out a few hakas around the grounds, but among southern hemisphere rugby nations only Argentina has a grip on what’s required to convert a song into a battle cry.

Indeed the website was forced to concede,

Like it or loathe it, Swing Low unites tens of thousands of England fans for whom team sports are closely tied to bastardised versions of well-known songs – and you’d have to have rocks in your heart not to feel the hairs bristle on the back of your neck when 50,000-plus belt out  Flower of Scotland for Wales’  Land of My Fathers and  Cwm Rhondda….

And as for the French, La Marseillaise tells of “bloody banners”, and “ferocious soldiers… coming to slit the throats of our sons and women”. That’s how you fire up your players.

As a result, Stuff suggested that fans look to the Stones’ Painted Black or ACDC’s Back in Black for inspiration.

Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena


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Author: The PA Team

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