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Irish Wheelchair Rugby Star Alan Dineen Is An Inspiration To All

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Honesty, determination, hard-work: this is but a brief description of the type of wording that illustrates the character of Alan Dineen.

Having represented his country at international wheelchair rugby, it is apt to say that Alan is a different breed of athlete. Not only excelling in his own sport where he has received a range of accolades including the Young Sportsperson of the Year, Alan has been a true champion of life.

The passion and insurmountable pride that Alan puts into his game should act as an inspiration to any aspiring athlete and is a testament to the dogma that hard-work pays off. Diagnosed with brittle-bones from a young age Alan has not let this sidetrack him on his quest for greatness.

Where many men could have possibly faltered, Alan made the conscious decision that this set-back would not define him and that he would use it as a tool to spur him on in order to achieve great things; thus providing a source of inspiration and an example to others with similar or equally debilitating conditions that with a positive attitude and strong work ethic any set back can be overcome.

Alan exudes the grit, confidence and dogged-stubbornness that is so commonly affiliated with any modern professional rugby player and has used these qualities to aid him on his journey of fully realising his potential. He is a walking embodiment of just how far one can reach when a positive outlook on life is taken, mixed with a strong degree of humility and honesty.

He is a justification that greatness does not only originate from the seemingly elite, but that it can come from anywhere and anyone when these simple but powerful qualities and outlook on life are undertaken.

Alan is a true inspiration, leader and realisation of how far a person can span the supposedly confining nature of their pre-disposed conditions in order to attain greatness.



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