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Highlanders Players Carpool To Training & Indulge in Some Kareoke

Currently sitting in the wild card spots, the Highlanders have a lot to sing about. Cue Joe Wheeler, Nasi Manu, Aaron Smith and Ben Smith in a car, getting their jam on. 

This video has it all really. Joe Wheeler leads the pack with a playlist that looks to get the best out of each of his passengers. Hitting Nasi Manu with some Diddy off the bat clearly indicated Wheeler was going big on these jams!

So we’ve got an array of tunes and also it seems an array of taste in fashion. Wheeler and Manu play it cool, opting for your standard Highlanders training gear. But something tells us Aaron Smith might have pre-planned his wardrobe. Rocking a New York Yankees Baseball shirt and a tan leather jacket that looks huge on Smith, so we can only imagine how big it’d look on a normal human. Ben Smith rounds things off with the completely overdressed look, rocking up to work in the suit, real fly Ben.

A great video and Joe Wheeler embraces the role og host superbly!



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