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Have Canada Selected The Most Bearded Front Row In World Rugby?

Canada played with a bearded front row today.

Although in most of the world the moustache is only prominent during Movember, Canadians have earned a reputation for sporting such facial features with pride.

Many of us of course feel a little disappointed, when we see Canadian lumber jacks without massive beards that seem to stereotype them.

However Canada’s front row did not let us down in this regard today, as the front three players showed off their intimidating facial area as they packed down against Ireland.

Although Hubert Buydens, Ray Barkwill and Doug Woolridge did little to effect the result, we came away impressed and a little manshamed.

We also found it strange that their facial hair got incrementally thicker in the picture below.

It is also frightening to think that the hooker, Ray Barkwill, is a teacher.


Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena

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Author: The PA Team

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