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England’s Players Demand A Pay Rise

England’s players are already the highest paid in international rugby.

The Daily Mail have this morning reported that England’s rugby players are demanding a £10,000 increase on their existing £15,000 match fee.

Their demand comes after the RFU announced that they raked in a record breaking £207.9 million in revenue last year, and would see England maintain their position as the highest paid international team in the game.

In addition to their current £15,000 match fee, should England win Grand Slam, their players would share a bonus payment of £600,000. Even if England were to lose against Wales this afternoon, but ultimately win the Championship, the players would share £370,000.

In contrast, the Welsh Rugby Union are thought to pay their players £5,300 per match and have only offered them a shared bonus pot of £45,000 should they win the Championship.

Although some supporters will maintain that it is an honour for players to represent their country, others will argue that they are entitled to a cut of the revenue that they help to generate on the field.

Any agreement between the RFU and the players would come into being on July 1, and would remain in place until after the 2019 World Cup.

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