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Does Dan Biggar Have The Strangest Kicking Routine In Rugby?

We probably weren’t the only ones to notice how fidgety Dan Biggar got whenever his kicking was called upon. It was very strange and highly effective. 

He kicked eight from eight last night and was definitely the difference as Wales overcame England at the home of Rugby. And we can’t be the only ones who notice just how strange Dan Biggar’s kicking prep was. Don’t get us wrong, we couldn’t kick those. But his preparation doesn’t indicate he’s feeling particularly confident either. Until he kicked it.

It’s like he’s trying to get rid of every last fidget and involuntary body movement out of his body before kicking. As if he can summon them all at once and expel them pre-kick.

We’ve seen some strange techniques in our time. There was Castres’ Romain ‘Robocop’ Teulet. He earned the nickname for the robotic nature of his steps back as he lined up the ball.

And of course, Jonny Wilkinson had a particularly unique technique of course.

But Dan Biggar’s is like nothing we’ve ever seen. And we sort of love it.

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Author: The PA Team

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