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Connacht’s Bizarre New Jersey Is Well… Make Your Own Mind Up

BLK are famed for designing some rather unusual rugby jerseys, but their new Connacht shirt may well take the biscuit. The western province’s new jersey was released by the manufacturer, and it is certainly different.

The design is based upon comic-book hero The Green Lantern, with the logo on the chest. Muscles are printed onto the shirt for that extra ‘macho’ feel. As they say, it’s all about looking big and strong, not actually being big and strong.

Connacht Rugby 1

Connacht Jersey

Image credit to BLK.

We’re not sure if we love it or hate it. Maybe it is a bit of both. One thing is for sure, it is certainly unique.

The Sportsgrounds will be full of printed six packs in the coming months, and you have to take your hats off to Connacht for the originality.

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Author: The PA Team

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