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Astonishing Details Emerge Regarding Bernard Jackman’s Grenoble Departure

Top 14 strugglers Grenoble and Bernard Jackman have parted ways with immediate effect following an announcement on Tuesday that their adventures together had come to an end.

Jackman joined up with the French side in 2011 and first worked as a consultant before assuming a coaching role at the club last year. Grenoble have unfortunately struggled under the Irishman’s leadership this season however, and currently in danger of relegation from the Top 14, both parties apparently agreed that it was time for a change.

However, according to Paris based English journalist Gavin Mortimer, there appears to be much more to the separation than initially meets the eye.

Like any side that is enduring a persistent run of bad form, the inevitable questions of a ‘player revolt’ or ‘losing the dressing room’ percolate to the surface. According to Mortimer, this is what happened with Jackman. However, unlike the regular yarns you might hear in similar situations, the reasons for the player unrest on this occasion are a little bit odd.

Okay so training was ‘too hard’ and the offensive system was ‘too complicated’. These are certainly odd, if not strange complaints.

Highlighting the absolute absurdity of this revelation, Mortimer hits the nail on the head.

If the claim is true, this doesn’t paint the Grenoble squad in a positive light and while there was likely a bit more to the situation than crème brûlées, for the banning of desserts by the coach to even contribute to a player revolt is simply astonishing.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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