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Andy Farrell Demands That The Media Get Behind England

Andy Farrell has called on the media to get behind England ahead of Australia Game.

After facing a storm of criticism from the media after England’s defeat to Wales, Andy Farrell has issued a rallying cry.

Farrell was reacting to a stinging attack from Will Carling who described Stuart Lancaster of presiding over a ‘classroom orientated environment’ and treating the players as ‘schoolboys’.

Farrell was quoted in The Telegraph as saying, ‘It is disappointing. We need everyone behind us this week – the media, the whole of the nation, the crowd. We need to batten down the hatches together. Let’s go for it’.

Farrell was not the only individual in the England camp to hit out at the media. Scrum-half Richard Wigglesworth also took aim at the negative outlook on fleet street and in particular Carling.

We knew coming into this that it could be like this but if they don’ t know and he doesn’t know and hasn’t played the game for how long and hasn’t been involved in professional rugby for how long

Let’s have a meaningful discussion about his knowledge, about what he knows about the game. He is there to further his own career and good luck to him

While it is not uncommon that players and managers to use criticism as a motivating factor, both Farrell and Wigglesworth have failed to realise that it is the job of the media to scrutinise.

Should the media do more to support England?

Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena

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Author: The PA Team

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