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World Cup May Be Two Years Away But Eddie Jones Is Already Putting Plans In Place


Eddie Jones and his coaching staff are currently conducting vital preparations ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The English coaching ticket is currently in the Japan and they are scouting out potential venues for potential training bases and hotels for the squad.  Jones is of Japanese heritage and he coached the national team for the 2015 World Cup in England so he is certainly familiar with the country.

He wants his staff to get an idea of the culture and climate in the country at this time of year, which won’t be too dissimilar to when the tournament is hosted in two years time.

“There are two years to go so we are getting to the very serious part of the build up to the Rugby World Cup,” said Jones.

“I wanted to bring some of my staff over here from each department to start to familiarise themselves with Japan and understand the possible climatic conditions as well as get a feel of what it is going to be like to play in the world cup here.”

In order to ensure a positive tournament, off the pitch at least, Jones is adamant that the Japanese culture needs to be understood and that meeting people in person is an essential part to this.

“In Japan, it’s important to establish relationships in person. Everything needs to be done face to face so it’s an opportunity for our staff to build key relationships with Japanese rugby.”

Finally, Jones wants to ensure that his players’ experience will be as normal as possible, in addition to playing warm up games against opposition who will be similar to their World Cup pool opponents; Argentina, France, United States and Tonga.

“We want to be in locations that are close to normal life, so we want our players to train hard and walk on the street and go for a coffee.

We’ll look to come here around 3-6 September and there is a possibility of playing a warm-up game shortly after that. We are looking to play similar teams to the ones we face in the pool stages.”

The opening match of the tournament will be on September 19th, so Jones and his squad will be in the country a full two weeks before the competition is due to begin.

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Author: Sean McMahon

Sean is Deputy Editor and head rugby writer. You can contact him by email [email protected] or on Twitter