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Watch: Agustin Pichot Delivers Emotional Closing Speech To World Rugby General Assembly

The World Rugby General Assembly finished in London today after taking place over the last two days. 

World Rugby Member Unions, Associate Members and Regional Associations were in attendance and up to 110 members took part in the two day session.

The key themes and focus areas of the assembly surrounding women’s rugby, player welfare, sustaining the growth in rugby, high performance and fan engagement. 

This was the 13th general assembly to take place and the highlight was a keynote closing speech given by World Rugby vice-chairman and Argentina rugby legend Agustin Pichot. 

Pichot’s speech surrounding how important it was to always maintain the true values of rugby, from grassroots all the way up to the upper echelons of the professional game. 

One of the standout lines was delivered after video presentation of World Cup 2015 highlights where Pichot emotionally stated: 

“How do we make that happen? It’s in every volunteer, that goes into a rugby club every Saturday and Sunday morning, teaching in the club the values of our sport. It’s about our clubs, it’s about friendship, it’s about our values…it’s about the coaches who educate us to be better persons. That’s what made that, don’t get it wrong. 

“Money, agents, TV rights…they don’t produce that, we produce that in our countries. We produce that in every girl and boy, so don’t get it wrong, that’s who we are. So it’s up to you guys to keep it that way. If we keep this in those values, the game will grow and get bigger and bigger but more importantly we have better persons and have a better world.” 

Check out the full speech below, it’s well worth a watch. 

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