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“It’s Trying To Make Sure That They Can Just Focus On The 80 Minutes”

There are many moving parts to the success of a matchday experience and the Communications Manager for a sporting organization plays a key role in this. 

Marcus Ó Buachalla holds that role with Leinster Rugby and his responsibilities are multi-faceted which include developing and implementing communications strategies, liaising with the media and to provide support to players and coaches when it comes to media obligations such as press conferences and post-match interviews.

“The 80 minutes in a lot of ways is the quietest part of the day,” Ó Buachalla says.

“Pre-match and post-match is when it kind of kicks off. Making sure everything is as seamless as possible for photographers, print media, online media, managing Leo Cullen and the players’ media schedule.

“The key to this role is to actually be like the swan; be graceful on the surface but you could be flapping wildly under the water!”

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