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“It Was A Pretty Sh*tty Thing To Happen But That’s Life” – Zebo On Racism Incident

Simon Zebo wants to put the incident which saw him racially abused at the Kingspan Stadium behind him and he is happy that a “positive outcome” was reached. 

Zebo was subject to a racist comment from a spectator in attendance at Ulster’s Heineken Champions Cup clash with Racing 92 in Belfast just over two weeks ago.

The 28-year-old posted on social media in the aftermath of the game where he suggested that he was subjected to verbal abuse and since then, an investigation was launched by Ulster Rugby which culminated in one person being banned for life from future matches at the Kingspan Stadium.

“Yeah, it was great,” Zebo said when asked was he happy with how quickly the incident was dealt with.

“Fair play to Ulster and their CEO, they were very, very positive and forthcoming in trying to help as much as they could. It was a pretty shitty thing to happen but that’s life. Those things do happen.

“Ulster were very good, the EPCR were very good and everyone at Racing was class. It’s good to be able to put it behind me knowing that there was a positive outcome, your man getting banned for life, has happened off the back of it. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen again.”

Simon Zebo

Zebo also addressed the issue around former UUP leader Mike Nesbitt.  Nesbitt accused Zebo of being ageist because, in a subsequent interview, the former Munster back described the person who verbally abused him as “an elderly man, like 40 plus.”

“I wouldn’t take too much notice of what that fella said. I think he got enough backlash off of that, so there’s no need for me to stick it to him anymore.

“Sometimes you just have to think before you…I didn’t mean any harm by what I was trying to say, I was trying to describe something that was an emotional topic, so if I didn’t convey my words the correct way I didn’t think it would be picked up in such a cynical manner. Each to their own, and he’s old enough to take the consequences of that.”

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