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“It Might Be Frustrating For You Guys But It’s Really Wrecking My Head”

In the post-match press conference after Ireland’s comprehensive 57-14 victory over the USA at the Aviva Stadium, Joe Schmidt was questioned on his future and although he didn’t give a definitive answer, he did drop one of the biggest hints yet that he will be announcing his departure on Monday. 

Schmidt was quizzed first on whether the decision is any clearer in his mind and he replied by saying he’s incredibly lucky to have the IRFU and their patience, in addition to admitting that he has given the governing body an indication of his decision. He also revealed that the situation is “wrecking my head.”

“Not any clearer, just incredibly lucky to have the IRFU with the patience they have. I committed to a certain timeframe with them and I’ve stuck to that. I’ve given them an indication and I just need to talk to people tomorrow and early next week, it will be made public.

“So, yeah, that’s probably all I’ve got to say on it because, to be honest, it might be frustrating for you guys but it’s really wrecking my head. I just want it to be one or the other really.”

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The follow-up question and subsequent answer shed further light that Schmidt’s decision will be to finish up with Ireland by saying that IRFU would like to continue a conversation if Schmidt changes his mind.

“A little bit, yeah [just needs to talk to other people). They’ve [IRFU] said, ‘look, don’t be rash, if you change your mind, we’d love to continue that conversation or if you change your mind, we don’t need to have a conversation or if we just continue as we are, that’s great’.

“So they’ve set out about five different scenarios just in case we could sort something out without too much drama.”

It’s now looking likely that Schmidt’s announcement early next week will disappoint Irish fans.

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