Irish women’s rugby team suffer last minute World Cup heartbreak

Ireland women's rugby

Sean O’Brien said more needs to be done to help women’s rugby in Ireland.

The Irish women’s rugby team suffered last minute heartbreak on Saturday night, losing 20-18 to Scotland, meaning they will not be playing at this year’s World Cup.

Just seven years on from a semi-final finish in 2014, they will not be in attendance at the competition at all this year, thanks to a late, late try from Scotland.

The conversion, which was the last kick of the game, was the nail in our coffin, as Ireland needed to win the game to have any hope of qualifying.

Ireland World Cup dreams shattered at the death

Irish male international Sean O’Brien was one of many people who took to Twitter after the game to say that the women’s team deserve more than what they get, based on the effort the players put in.

“It would break your heart looking at the Irish women’s team after that defeat! The effort and sacrifice they make is incredible and I think it’s very fair to say not enough is done for them! The powers to be (sic) need to do more IMO!”

This narrative was a common trend among those who responded to the loss on social media.

The moment Ireland’s World Cup dream came to an end can be seen here:

Ireland women’s rugby team suffer cruel defeat

Speaking after the game, Louise Galvin said it’s a “gut-wrenching” situation for the Ireland players.

“This is desperate. It’s just so gut-wrenching for the players and you can see it in the images that are flashing on our screens. We’re all devastated, but no one is more devastated than those players on the field. That’s who I feel the most for.

The upcoming Rugby World Cup will take place in October and November next year, after being postponed due to the pandemic.

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