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Leinster Rugby S&C Coach Explains Famed ‘Stuesday’ Sessions

It’s been an unforgettable year for all at Leinster Rugby, with the province swatting aside all opponents en route to an unprecedented Champions Cup and Pro14 double.

Although there are myriad reasons for the success of the Boys In Blue in recent seasons, one of the key factors has undoubtedly been the impact of Stuart Lancaster, the former England head coach being lauded with plaudits from all inside the province.

One aspect of Lancaster’s training methods that has garnered interest is his unique ‘Stuesday’ training session. Speaking to the For Fit Sake podcast, Cillian Reardon, Leinster Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach, gave us an insight into the importance and effectiveness of these sessions.

“Basically a system of three teams out (in training) and they play phase after phase after phase and it’s pretty much non-contact but the amount of phases that we play and change the position of where the ball is on the pitch and what teams are facing each other.

“So depending on how tough (Lancaster) wants that session to be, he’ll either do it for 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 40 minutes, but players know that they’re essentially going to have to play fifteen-on-fifteen rugby and deliver quality in that session in a sort of, fairly, chaotic scenario.

“They don’t know how long that’s going to go on for, so they just have to show up and make the right decisions and deliver until they’re told not to, and that’s pretty much what a game is as well.”

“I think those days are really useful and that’s more or less what I’m describing when I’m saying Leo and Stuart are running a program there that conditions players for the game without having to lean on massive intervention from (strength and conditioning) staff.”

A fascinating insight into the coaching framework employed by one of the top coaches in world rugby, and a person pinpointed by many as the eventual heir to Joe Schmidt as Ireland head coach.

This week’s edition of the For Fit Sake podcast is a fascinating listen and you can check out Episode 17 on iTunes by clicking here. The Stuesday stuff starts around the 09:30 minute mark.


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