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9 Devices That Could Change The Future Of Rugby

Is this the rugby of the future?

Our beloved rugby has changed massively over the years, with more and more technological advances having an impact on the game. Nowadays, we have ref cam and Hawkeye. Gone are the days of black tape and scrum caps being the most advanced items in a rugby dressing room. This new rugby excites us all.

Well, the guys at bwin have provided us with graphics of nine devices that could change the game of rugby forever and we’re really excited by the prospect of them coming to fruition.


1. Player Cam

Player Cam

2. L.E.D. Jersey Advertising

LED Jersey Advertising


3. Concussion Detector

Concussion Detector


4. GPS Rugby Ball

GPS Rugby Ball


5. Referee Cam

Referee Cam

6. Contact Lens HUD

Contact Lens HUD


7. Gumshield Sensor

Gumshield Sensor


8. Smart Rugby Boots

Smart Rugby Boots


9. Biometric Data Wristbands

Biometric Data Wristbands

What do you think? Would you like to see these introduced to the game? Or is it a step too far? Let us know via Pundit Arena Rugby.

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