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France Put Lomu’s Sons Front And Centre Of 2023 Rugby World Cup Bid

It’s a big day in the diary for the French, Irish and South African rugby unions as they make their presentations to the World Rugby Council in London in a bid to host #RWC2023.

The French delegation were up first, a team that included former head coach and now FFR President Bernard Laporte and ex-player Sebastian Chabal. Chabal was also playing minder to Jonah Lomu’s sons, Dhyreille and Braylee.

Their inclusion was down to the fact that Dhyreille was born in France and according to Chabal, is known in New Zealand as “the Frenchie“. He emphasised, “Jonah Lomu loved France.”

While the late Jonah Lomu is a much-revered personality in the sport, the inclusion of his children in aid of the French bid raised more than a few eyebrows.

The World Rugby Council were treated to a bid video which featured Laporte giving a dressing room team talk to key members of French culture. A chef, a gendarme, a waiter, a Moulin Rouge dancer and a cheese maker were among the national characters given a rousing speech in the video, to prepare France for hosting the occasion.

The video is supported by a brochure within which the FFR state that 84% of the French are in favour of hosting the tournament and that it will generate €520 million. The games would be staged across nine stadia capable of holding over 2.5 million fans.

The decision on which union is successful will be made and announced on November 15th.

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