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Five Tips For Rugby Betting

Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling in the world. Everyone is looking for a way in which they can earn money quickly. One of the most popular sports in the world is rugby. All roads are heading to Japan for the 2019 World Cup, and if you are betting with Betway, we are sure you are excited.

If you are a rugby fan and enjoy betting, I am sure that you are looking for tips which will help you have a better Betway experience. Betway allows you to bet on all your favorite games, from cricket to football to hockey, but rugby has its own charm. It’s quick, fast and enjoyable.

Here are five tips which will help you on your journey.

Six Nations Report Card


#1. Know the markets.

If you know about sports betting markets, then it is easy for you to understand the rugby market. Before you place a bet, you will need to analyse the various markets so that you can find value in your chance. On most occasions, the markets which you are presented might seem similar but they differ. There are three popular markets in rugby:

  1. Moneyline.
  2. Totals.
  3. Handicap.

For instance, the first try scorer in rugby and the first goalscorer in football might seem the same, but they are not. This is because in football you are given a smaller number of scorers while in rugby you have a lot of player options. So you need the right knowledge in the betting rugby markets.

#2. Understand the type of play.

If you learn the type of selection in rugby, then you will have an advantage over the market. You will be able to discern which team might make the first try if you learn for instance their defence kicking strategy.

England Italy Six Nations

#3. Look out for the weather.

Yes, I know this tip might sound so obvious, but it does help out during betting. Weather plays a significant role in a rugby match. For instance, during dry weather, there is a lot of action where the back gets to possess the ball for a long time. On the other hand wet conditions you will get to see the forwards see a lot of the ball.

Therefore when you are betting, you should consider which teams are playing and the weather conditions.

#4. Watch the game.

A rugby match, as we know, is divided into two: the first half and the second half. One half can make a difference in the total scores of the game. You might see a team starting very softly during the first 40 minutes, but in the second half, they come out very strongly.

So if you choose the totals market, then you can have a significant advantage during halftime.


#5. Do not rush.

There is no hurry in betting; thus you should take it easy. Therefore ensure that you know how to bet and learn everything to avoid losing your hard earned money.

Author: Maurice Gleeson

Irish exile currently residing in Barcelona but stay up to the date with the latest in League of Ireland and the Premier League.