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Chris Henry: ‘We Watch Munster & Leinster At The Aviva Every Game, It’s Frustrating’

chris henry

Former Ulster star, Chris Henry voices his dismay at the decision to allow Munster and Leinster to play each other at the Aviva while not giving the other provinces the same exposure.

Speaking exclusively to Pundit Arena, the former Ireland international previewed this weekend’s Heineken Champions Cup quarter-final clash between his former side and champions, Leinster.

Leinster and Munster regularly meet at the Landsdowne Road venue, while fixtures with the other two provincial sides are normally played at the RDS Arena.

However, a sold-out crowd is expected this weekend at the Aviva which will come to as no surprise to Henry who praised the Ulster supporters passion and ability to travel in high numbers.

“From an Ulster perspective, the fact that Ulster get to play Leinster in the Aviva.” Henry told Pundit Arena.

“You know, when we sit and watch Munster and Leinster play in the Aviva every game, to be honest, it’s a bit frustrating,

“Ulster fans travel, so from my point of view I’m like, ‘well, why can’t we play Leinster every time in the Aviva and not the RDS and get some more of our fans down as well’.”


Henry admits that a last eight tie with Leinster in Dublin is the last thing Ulster would have wanted, but said that all the pressure is on the champions, whereas Ulster are in bonus territory by reaching a quarter-final.

chris henry

“I can’t wait for the quarter-final because let’s be honest, the pressure’s all on Leinster,” said Henry

“The Ulster fans will come down in force, this Ulster squad has definitely surpassed expectations by reaching the quarter-final. As long as we’re able to get a third place minimum in the league then it’s a huge success for Ulster.

“Whenever we got that quarter-final place the team that Ulster would’ve least liked was obviously Leinster in Dublin. Leinster going, ‘Ok we’ll take Ulster’, but you know, on the day you just never know what can happen. Rugby’s a strange thing and yes it’s probably going to take a lot of luck but it’s a game that you just never know what can happen,

I just can’t wait for it, I think it’s going to be a brilliant day.”

You can view the full video below.


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