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“They Took It To Them From The Word Go” – Hansen On Japan’s Win


Steve Hansen has weighed in on the possibility of current Japan coach Jamie Joseph succeeding him as the next head coach of New Zealand. 

Joseph masterminded a famous victory for the host nation over Ireland on Saturday placing him in the spotlight for the top job in his native country.

While Hansen admits that Joseph is “a great coach”, he does not believe that the decision of his successor should be based on one result.

“Jamie Joseph’s a very good coach. He didn’t become one overnight just because he coached Japan to beat Ireland. I always find it amusing, you beat someone and all of a sudden you’re a super coach.

“I hold the world record for the most losses in a row and the world record for the most wins in a row so what sort of coach am I? Coaching’s a lot more than just the results. Is he good enough to be an All Black coach? I think he is one day, I do. Am I picking the next coach? No.

“So there’s not much point even asking what my opinion is because those people who are appointing him won’t take any notice of it anyway, and probably rightly so.”

Hansen, who is preparing his side to face Canada in their next match in Pool B following their thrilling win over South Africa, believes Japan’s win has given the tournament a major boost.

“The tournament has been pretty exciting, I reckon. The Japan game, you wouldn’t get a better game of rugby. They (Japan) were outstanding in their performance. For the tournament, what a major boost for the home nation.

“No-one expected them to beat the number two ranked side in the world and they came out and took it to them from the word go and put them under extreme pressure.

“You could tell by the crowd that 30 minutes after the game had finished, they were still in the stands celebrating. That’s great for the little kids here who want to play the game and overall great for rugby.”


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Author: Marisa Kennedy

Marisa is a Digital Journalist with Pundit Arena. You can contact her at [email protected] or on Twitter