Will Greenwood: Pascal Gauzere has a history of controversial calls against England


“He’s compounded the error he made two years ago.”

Will Greenwood has pointed out that Pascal Gauzere made a similar controversial call to the one last weekend against England when they played Wales in a Rugby World Cup warm-up match in 2019.

The French referee has come under fire for two controversial calls during Wales’ encounter with England in the Six Nations, which both resulted in Welsh tries.

Greenwood was speaking on Sky Sports News on Tuesday and argued that England were not given a realistic opportunity to defend their try line by the referee for Josh Adam’s try.

Will Greenwood on Pascal Gauzere.

“The reality is that when as a referee you ask a captain to address his players and they’re in the 22, the pitch is 70 metres wide and the dead ball area 10 metres long, so that’s 30 metres by 70 metres – 2100 square metres 15 players have got to cover,” Greenwood explained.

“You ask a captain to bring them into a 3×2 space – six metres – you have left 2094 square metres for Wales to do whatever they want, and in cahoots.

“Dan Biggar goes: ‘Pascal,’ – I don’t think he actually called him Pascal, but he might as well have. It was like a scene from ‘Allo ‘Allo!: ‘Can you just tell me when time is on…’, Gauzere: ‘Certainly….time’s on!’

“And actually, I paused the video. He blows his whistle and by the time he shouts ‘time’s on’, the ball is at the apex of its kick on the way to Josh Adams.”

Pascal Gauzere’s previous mishap in an England-Wales encounter.

The French referee made a similar decision when the two sides played a couple of years ago, allowing Dan Biggar to take a penalty quickly when the English players weren’t expecting it.

The most recent incident is up for interpretation. But Greenwood explained that the incident in 2019 was, in fact, not allowed under the laws of the game.

“Pascal Gauzere has history. It was a couple of years ago when [Anthony] Watson was sin-binned that he allowed Dan Biggar to do exactly the same thing. a

“And the law in that instance does say that if you’ve sin-binned a player, you can’t play quickly and have to allow him off.”

“He’s compounded the error he made two years ago,” Greenwood commented.

While the second Wales try has also riled up English fans, the former British and Irish Lion pointed out that Gauzere was not solely responsible for that decision.

“For the second try, Louis Rees-Zammit is saying after dropping it: ‘Oh god, what have I done? I just missed out on a try’ – and then it’s a try anyway,” Greenwood said.

“You’ve got to play to the whistle haven’t you, Liam Williams fair play to you. But with this one, Pascal had a pal in TMO Alexandre Ruiz. Let’s not just single out Pascal Gauzere here, that was a double whammy.”

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