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Toutai Kefu praises his son and neighbour for intervening during violent home invasion

Toutai Kefu

‘He absolutely went into beast mode.’

Wallabies great Toutai Kefu has praised his son and his neighbour for intervening during a violent home invasion in which he and several of his family members were injured.

Kefu and his family were attacked by four teenagers armed with knives, an axe and a machete in the early hours of Monday morning in their home in Brisbane, in what has been described as a house burglary gone wrong.

The Tonga head coach was speaking to Australian reporters outside of his home and praised his 21-year-old son for jumping in with “no fear” and helping him fight off the intruders.

Toutai Kefu praises his son’s and his neighbour’s bravery.

“He absolutely went into beast mode,” Kefu said of his son’s bravery, via

“I had the two intruders on me and he just jumped in with no fear and he copped a couple of hacks to his back, but it certainly could have been a different outcome if he didn’t turn up.

“He had no thought for his own safety, but we knew that if we just applied pressure (on his wounds) that the emergency services weren’t too far away.”

A neighbour of Kefu’s also joined the fray and restrained one of the teenage intruders in the former Australian international’s front garden until the police arrived.

“We’ve known each other for a long time, he’s an absolute hero,” Kefu said of his neighbour.

“Unbelievable. He turned up at the right time on Monday morning and apprehended one of the intruders. If he didn’t turn up, it could have been a different story.”

Toutai Kefu says he does not hate his attackers.

Kefu and three members of his family were admitted to hospital in the aftermath of the incident. The former Wallaby’s wife Rachel if yet to be discharged after suffering significant wounds to her arm.

It is not yet known whether she will be able to regain full use of her arm, and Kefu revealed that the doctor told him Rachel could have lost her arm had the blade been sharper.

Despite the grief caused to himself and his family, Kefu has said that he does not hate the four intruders, who have been charged with attempted murder.

“To find out that they were 15 and a 13-year-old allegedly involved, I was really shocked. I don’t hate them. I’ve got a 13 and 15-year-old. I feel sorry for them,” Kefu said.

“I’m just grateful that we all got out, we’re alive. Might be a little bit of damage moving forward but we’re still breathing.”

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