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Saracens CEO: ‘We don’t want any special treatment’

Saracens CEO Lucy Wray has insisted that the club want to earn the right to compete in the Gallagher Premiership again.

The north London club was relegated last season after being found to have breached the Premiership’s salary cap for a number of years.

Saracens have yet to start life in the RFU Championship, on account of the tournament being postponed due to the pandemic but do play Ealing Trailfinders today as part of a pre-season tournament.

Nigel Wray, the father of the current CEO, stepped down as chairman of the club last January due to a scandal, but Lucy Wray has insisted that her family never intended on walking away from the club.

“Saracens to us as a family has been all-encompassing. I have grown up with it since I was 15,” Wray told The Telegraph.

“The trophies were fun but what we loved as a family is about doing it right – the Saracens High School, the [sports] foundation and caring for people and building them up to be better people and preparing them for life after rugby.

“We never wanted to turn our back on that. Dad has a saying, ‘do it big, do it right, give it class’.

“There is no point doing it big if we don’t do it right. We want to work with our community.

“It has been a tough year for many reasons. We have been through a huge amount but it does feel like we are turning the corner.”

‘We made some mistakes’.

Saracens last played in a competitive game of rugby in October last year, and while they’ll have to wait a while longer for another top-flight rugby match, Wray has insisted that the team are excited to get back to playing in the Championship.

“We made some mistakes, we have been punished and taken that punishment and now it is all about looking forward.

“We are really looking forward to playing in the Championship and being a good citizen of the Championship. We very much want to give something back and earn our right on the field back into the Premiership.

“Over the last year, we have accepted and adapted to everything that has been thrown at us and we have worked incredibly hard to rebuild the brand,” Wray said.

Promotion plans.

The three-time European champions will be heavy favourites to win the Championship and secure promotion to England’s top flight, but there are some concerns over the league being completed.

“We are confident that the season will go ahead in one shape or form. There are plenty of hurdles but everyone wants to do the best for the Championship. We may have to be a bit flexible in terms of the format,” Wray commented.


“We have said that we don’t want any special treatment, we just want the opportunity to earn our right back up to the Premiership.”

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