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Ronan O’Gara hit with lengthy ban and hefty fine by French rugby bosses

Ronan O'Gara

Ronan O’Gara has been suspended for 10 weeks for an “attack on the best interests of rugby” by the Ligue Nationale de Rugby.

La Rochelle have been been fined a total of €20,000, €5,000 of which is suspended, for O’Gara’s actions, as this is the fourth time in the space of a year that the Cork man has faced disciplinary measures from the LNR.

O’Gara had received a six-week suspension for disrespecting a match official during his side’s win against Lyon in September and returned to the sidelines for La Rochelle’s most recent game against Brive at the start of the month.

While it isn’t stated explicitly in the LNR’s statement, it appears as though O’Gara got himself in trouble again at that game against Brive, and will be suspended until January 30th next year unless he successfully appeals.

LNR statement on Ronan O’Gara.

“Mr. Ronan O’Gara was sanctioned with a 10-week suspension as well as a fine of €20,000, including €5,000 suspended on the grounds of ‘Attack on the best interests of rugby’,” the LNR statement reads.

“And more particularly for ‘All breach by a person referred to in article 714 of honour or probity, any violent conduct or offensive or defamatory remarks by a person referred to in article 714 towards another, manager or no, any failure to respect the duty of reserve, as well as any deliberate violation of the Federal Regulations or the General Regulations of the NRL or behavior likely to damage the image, reputation or interests of Rugby or its bodies, any breach of sports ethics and deontology, any non-compliance with a decision pronounced by a disciplinary body of the LNR’.

“Consequently, Mr. Ronan O’GARA will be requalified on January 30, 2023. Under Article 65 of the LNR’s General Regulations, Stade Rochelais was fined €20,000, of which €5,000 was suspended.

“These decisions are subject to appeal before the FFR Appeals Committee within 7 days of notification of the full reasoned decision.”

La Rochelle are still doing well in the Top 14.

While O’Gara’s suspensions certainly aren’t ideal for La Rochelle, the European champions do still find themselves in second place in the Top 14 table, having won six of their 10 fixtures to date.

La Rochelle are a distant second however, as they are nine points behind Toulouse at the top of the table, while just a single point separates second from sixth place.

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