Nigel Owens admits he wouldn’t have awarded Wales’ controversial try against Australia

Nigel Owens Wales

Nigel Owens has said that he would have penalised Nick Tompkins for a deliberate knock on during Wales’ recent win against Australia.

Tompkins was very fortunate to score a try against the Wallabies after slapping down a pass from Tom Wright, which on first viewing looked like an obvious and deliberate knock on.

While the Welsh centre certainly wasn’t in a realistic position to catch the ball, referee Mike Adams and his TMO decided that the ball had gone backwards, and as a result, it wasn’t a deliberate knock on.

Former international referee Owens was writing in his column for WalesOnline and admitted that he believes that the ball had in fact gone forward, and that he reckons most referees would have blown it up.

Nigel Owens on Nick Tompkins controversial try.

“Now, with the Tompkins situation, the referee, Mike Adamson, felt the ball did not go forward, so there was no offence. It’s play on and the try stands. To me, that looks like a knock-on. It looks as though the ball has gone forward,” Owens wrote.

“When you look at Tompkins’ face afterwards, I think he is quite surprised the try has been given. There are 28 other players on the field who have all pretty much stopped, expecting that to be a knock on.

“If I was reffing that game, I would have blown up. If you put that up in a room of 20 referees, most of them would probably call it a knock-on. Some wouldn’t. It’s just one of those decisions that could go either way really.

“But Mike Adamson has made his call. His interpretation was that the ball didn’t go forward, so then he’s quite right in awarding the try.”

Wallabies head coach Dave Rennie was furious after the match.

Australia’s head coach Dave Rennie was far from pleased with the performance of the officiating team after the match, labelling some of the decisions they made as “horrendous”.

Rennie did apologise to World Rugby about his comments last week, and the sport’s governing body let him off with a written warning for what they deemed to be an unacceptable choice of language.

The Wallabies left Europe without a win after their controversial loss in Cardiff, following previous defeats to Scotland and England, while Wales notched two wins from four in the Autumn Nations Series.

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