Munster respond to Danny Care’s accusations of diving

Conor Murray has dismissed Danny Care’s jibes about Munster players diving during their Heineken Champions Cup clash last weekend.

Munster were left aggrieved by some late tackles on replacement fly-half Ben Healy which has left the young number 10 ruled out for up to four weeks with a shoulder injury.

However, Harlequins scrum-half Care suggested that Munster were complaining about nothing and implied the officiating team was biased towards the home team.

“There was a couple of 50-50 decisions went against us, a couple of Irish linesmen but we won’t say anything more than that.

“I’ve heard they’re all complaining about late hits. Ask Mike Brown about late hits and why he couldn’t come on the pitch because was KO’d. But nothing came of that and then we took a couple of yellow cards for it.

“You go after every 10, mate. Anything that we did to their 10 wasn’t not done to our players. We thought we were playing PSG a couple of times with all the rolling around and diving and the complaining.

“It’s a physical sport sometimes. Obviously, they got the better of it at the weekend, well done to them. We look forward to the rematch in January,” Care said on the BBC’s Rugby Union Weekly podcast.

‘There’s a scan on his shoulder that says different’

Murray paid little heed to Care’s comments although noted that the late hits had left Healy with a shoulder injury.

“There’s so much talk in podcasts these days, do you know what I mean? It’s just lads chatting. To be honest with you, I don’t think anything is meant by it.

“I’m sure if you ask Ben Healy if it was a dive, I don’t think so. There’s a scan on his shoulder that shows you a little bit different.

“I’m not digging back at anyone because I know what podcasts are like – they’re lads having a bit of craic,” Murray commented.

Munster senior coach Stephen Larkham was less impressed by the England international’s jibes and condemned Harlequins tactics.

“Whether you run at the 10, whether you’re tackling him or trying to put pressure on him before he passes the ball, it’s definitely a part of most teams’ game plans.

“What I didn’t like about the weekend is the way they went about it. It was illegal, it’s illegal and I think the ref dealt with it, the citing commissioner looked at it and deemed it wasn’t more than a yellow card so I think it’s done.

“It’s done now. The sad news is that Ben misses a couple of weeks because of that,” Larkham said.

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