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‘You dread it when he rings’ – Mike Brown on Eddie Jones’ ‘non-stop’ mental games

Mike Brown has revealed that training camps with Eddie Jones could be stressful occasions, due to the England head coach’s constant badgering of his players.

The former England full back was speaking on the latest RugbyPass Offload podcast and touched on how mentally straining Jones made life for his players.

Jones is infamous for his physically demanding England camps and is similarly demanding of his squad in other ways, testing the English players’ ability to withstand criticism.

“It’s bloody tough, mentally and physically. He’s on you the whole time. Even when you are not in camp you see his name flash up on your phone. 

“You see it after games for your club, his name flashing up and you look at when he has messaged you and it’s during a game. You just dread it when he rings or he texts because you are worried about what he is going to say.

“Then when you are in camp it’s literally non-stop from when you wake up in the morning to when you go to bed at night.


“He is always testing you, especially mentally, little messages here and there, little comments passed in the corridor, things in meetings, testing you on knowledge,” Brown explained.

‘Sometimes guys just can’t handle it’

The 60-year old coach isn’t afraid to get on his players’ bad sides and in fact, regularly insulted them as a means of testing their mental fortitude.

“He used to go off at players like Marland Yarde all the time, little nicknames, just on him the whole time in training, just little comments to try and wind him up, things like that.


“I guess it is just him testing those guys out, seeing if they are ready for the step up, see how they react under pressure. Sometimes it works, sometimes guys just can’t handle it at all and then you don’t see them ever again,” Brown said.

While having to withstand Jones’ training methods is now in the past for Brown, the current England squad will be soon under the Australian’s thumb again, with the Six Nations kicking off in just over two weeks.


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