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Joe Marler would have Rassie Erasmus as his right-hand man if he ran World Rugby

Joe Marler

Joe Marler has said that he would appoint Rassie Erasmus and Agustin Pichot in high-ranking positions if he was in charge of World Rugby.

Erasmus isn’t exactly in World Rugby’s good books at the moment, as he is currently serving a two-month ban from all rugby activities and is suspended from match-day activities with the Springboks until September 30th, 2022.

The South Africa director of rugby is serving those bans as a result of his hour-long video critique of the officiating performance from the Springboks’ first test against the British and Irish Lions, but Marler believes Erasmus has plenty to add to the sport’s governing body.

England and Harlequins prop Marler was speaking to the Daily Mail in a wide-ranging interview and named the two major appointments he would make if he becomes chairman of World Rugby in 2023.

Joe Marler on Rassie Erasmus.

“So it’s 2023 and I am the head of World Rugby? This is amazing. The first thing I’d do is install Rassie Erasmus as my right-hand man and the second thing I’d do is install Agustin Pichot as my left-hand man,” Marler said.

“My contract finishes in 2023, at the same time as president Bill Beaumont’s, so it’s perfect timing. I’ll only do it if Rassie and Gus say “yes”. We’re going to be the Tripod of Terror!’

“Rassie’s gold. He’s marmite but he’s got people talking about rugby. I love him. I f***ing love him.

“I think Eddie Jones should start running the water on like Rassie does, although by the time he reaches the middle of the pitch the ref would already be telling him to get off!”

The South African is unlikely to get involved with World Rugby.

Although Marler’s dream team of World Rugby higher-ups is extremely unlikely to ever come to fruition, it does indicate that the England prop believes changes need to be made high up.

Pichot is by far the most likely of the three to eventually take the reins at World Rugby, having stood for election as chairman of the governing body back in 2020.

The former Argentina international lost out to incumbent chairman Bill Beaumont however, and he vacated his seat on the World Rugby council afterwards.

Pichot did have a significant impact on World Rugby in his time there however, as he was instrumental in the change from three years to five years for players to qualify for another country on residency.

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