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Jack Carty reflects on potential football career and starting ahead of Matt Doherty

Jack Carty Matt Doherty

Ireland and Connacht fly-half Jack Carty has admitted that he does occasionally consider what his life would have been like if he had pursued a career in football.

Carty has found considerable success in rugby, having played a crucial role for Connacht over the last few years while amassing 10 caps for his country to date.

However, the talented Athlone man could have had a much different sporting career, having played Gaelic football for Roscommon at underage level as well as playing football for the Republic of Ireland under-15 team.

Carty was speaking as a ‘Tackle Your Feelings‘ ambassador for Zurich and Rugby Players Ireland and admitted that while he does sometimes consider what could have been, he is happy with his chosen career path.

‘I could have been in a completely different place.’

“It’s probably something that I think about. I wouldn’t think about it that much or lose much sleep about it,” Carty explained.

“I suppose [I think about it] when I’d [look at] maybe one or two of the players that I played with – someone like Matt Doherty who I would have started ahead of.

“I’m kind of like, ‘Jesus, maybe if I’d given it another year or two I could have been in a completely different place.’ But look, it’s one of those things, you can’t do anything about it now.”

Jack Carty on his involvement with the family business.

Although certain elements of a career in professional football are superior to one in rugby (better pay for example) Carty is well aware of the negatives involved with such a career.

Carty was offered a trial with Southampton as a teenager, and while he ultimately didn’t go, had he been successful he would have had to leave behind his family in Ireland and live in England full-time.

The Connacht fly-half is grateful for being able to stay close to family, while acknowledging that rugby has allowed him to set himself up for a career in the family business after his playing days are over.

“If you think about the amount of players that I actually played football with, it’s such a small net – the amount of players that actually get through,” Carty said.

“The way I did it – I stayed back, did my leaving cert, managed to get capped for my country and I’m doing a good bit of work with my father at the moment in the family business (Oliver Carty meats).

“We’re launching a new brand this week – turkey lard-ons and turkey rashers. Even just getting to see that side of it, I think rugby gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself for after rugby. So I’m really looking forward to doing that as well.”

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