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Henry Slade clarifies that he has ‘no hidden agenda’ against Covid vaccines


England international Henry Slade has released a statement clarifying his comments on his reluctance to receive a Covid vaccine.

Exeter Chiefs centre Slade, who is a Type-1 diabetic, said in a recent interview with The Telegraph that he would not be getting a vaccine as he was uneasy about the potential long-term effects.

Slade has now released a statement through Exeter Chiefs explaining his reluctance, while clarifying that he had no intention of “offering advice to the general public” and suggested that he would consider taking a vaccine in the future.

Henry Slade’s statement regarding his interview with The Telegraph.

“Following an article in today’s Telegraph newspaper, I would like to make the following statement,” Slade wrote.

“The comments attributed to me in regards to the Covid-19 vaccination form a very small part of an exclusive interview I had with the newspaper, which was set up to talk about living with Type-1 diabetes.

“Not only as a professional sportsman, but also a person who has to closely monitor my health levels every day, I am acutely aware of the importance of vaccines and the role it plays in helping save lives.

“From my own personal experience, I have encountered issues in the past with the use of vaccines and I am continually wary around this area. That said, I have no hidden agenda against the current, nationwide roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

“When the time comes for me to make an informed decision on whether or not I take up the option of having the vaccination, I will of course consider the thoughts of my family and friends, the latest government advice, as well as all others around me.

“In no way whatsoever am I offering advice to the general public as to the pros and cons of the vaccination programme, everyone has a right to their own opinion on this matter, but given my past experiences, I wish to make the correct decision for myself.”

Exeter Chiefs and the pandemic.

Slade is not the first Exeter player to speak out about issues created by the pandemic, as his teammate Alec Hepburn criticised the restrictions put in place by the UK government to restrict the spread of covid.

Hepburn posted a message on his Instagram page in December last year outlining his views on the restrictions in place in the UK at the time, saying they were “tantamount to abuse on the British public.”

“Speaking as a citizen of the United Kingdom, I feel these orders by decree, placing unjustified duress on many is tantamount to abuse on the British public,” Hepburn wrote.


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A post shared by Alec Hepburn (@alechepburn)

“This government uses force and coercion to manipulate the public into compliance. The public is talked down to, the public is blamed for increases in restrictions and the public is emotionally blackmailed with compliance or you will be killing people.

“This government does not represent the great values of this great nation, being freedom and individual liberty.”

Slade, as well as Exeter teammate Jack Nowell, shared Hepburn’s post on their own Instagram stories at the time.

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