French rugby player publicly apologises for racist comment made in Pro D2 game

Racist comment Pro D2

Ludovic Radosavljevic, the Provence Rugby player who made a racist comment during a Pro D2 game, has issued a public apology via Instagram.

Nevers’ Christian Ambadiang revealed that a Provence player told him “I will burn you, banana eater” during the his side’s Pro D2 encounter with Provence last Friday.

Ambadiang did not reveal the identity of the player, nor did Provence in a statement they made about the incident, but Radosavljevic has admitted the he is the guilty party, while apologising for his comment.

Radosavljevic, who previously played for Clermont Auvergne and Castres Olympique in the Top 14 said he takes “full responsibility” for his action, while once again apologising to Ambadiang.

Ludovic Radosavljevic’s public apology.

“Following recent events, and after an apology already formulated immediately in the locker room, today I would like to publicly and officially present my apologies to Christian Ambadiang, for my remarks which are unacceptable,” Radosavljevic wrote, translated from French.

“Following a chain of events in a tense match, my words went beyond my thought. I measure the gravity of my actions and take full responsibility for it, also apologising to all the people who were shocked by this.

“It is not part of my values nor of those that I pass on to my children. I remain a human who makes mistakes and learns from them.”

LNR and FFR announce joint disciplinary action.

The Ligue National de Rugby, which runs both the Top 14 and the Pro D2, and the French Rugby Federation have released a joint statement promising disciplinary measures against Radosavljevic.

The two organisations have announced their joint action, in the interest of the “promotion of diversity”.

“Following the first round PRO D2 fixture between Provence Rugby and USON Nevers club, the Federation Française de Rugby (FFR) and the National Rugby League (LNR) announce the Disciplinary Commission of the LNR via their respective Presidents, Bernard Laporte and René Bouscatel,” the statement reads.

“This exceptional joint referral, from two bodies involved in the promotion of diversity, concerns unacceptable comments made by the player of Provence Rugby Ludovic Radosavljevic against USON Nevers player Christian Ambadiang during the match.

“The FFR and the LNR also wish to underline the exemplary attitude of the two clubs who have engaged in a rapid and responsible dialogue with the various parties stakeholders.”

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