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Finn Russell: ‘Falling out with Gregor Townsend was the best thing to happen’


“It can only be a positive now.”

Finn Russell has revealed he is glad that he fell out with Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend before the start of last year’s Six Nations Championship.

The Racing 92 fly-half was released from Scotland’s Six Nations squad last year after he breached team protocol, missing out on their four matches played before the pandemic.

Russell returned to the national side in the final round of last year’s championship in October, after straightening things out with Townsend.

Finn Russell.

The 51-times capped Scotland international revealed to The Daily Mail that he believes falling out with Townsend has been a positive for their relationship moving forward.

“It’s all fine, much better. Yes, it blew up a little bit but it did get blown out of proportion for me. Gregor [Townsend] and I and have spoken a lot.

“Personally, I believe for me and Gregor it was the best thing to happen. We have had a few small arguments here and there – usually after a game when I was frustrated – but it’s all good.


“I can see that, at the time, it doesn’t look good but going forward it is going to be better for us all. Coming back to camp I felt a lot more open and it was as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders.

“I’ve said what I needed to say and I’ve got it out the way. Gregor and I have worked through it and we have moved on. Going forward, it’s going to help. It can only be a positive now,” Russell said.

Return to stonemasonry after rugby.

While the Scot is currently at the top of his game in professional rugby, he has kept one eye on his future outside of the sport.


Russell was training to be stonemason before beginning his career as a professional rugby player with Glasgow Warriors and admitted it was something he would like to return to after he hangs up his boots.

“I was a stonemason before and I would like to get a trade after playing. If I, say, go into coaching or a rugby consultancy, I would want something else, something to take my mind off things. A trade gives you a skill and an interest.

“I enjoyed being a stonemason. One of my mates (Rory Hughes, ex-Scotland winger) is doing a joinery apprenticeship. He tells me that he is loving working on the building sites.


“It might seem odd and when I told my mum, she said: ‘Maybe not’. But I am open to it. I never got my ticket as stonemason because I had to leave a year early to play pro rugby, so it would be good to get that,” Russell revealed.

Barring injury, Russell will start at 10 for Scotland in their opening Six Nations encounter with England at Twickenham next Saturday.

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