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Exeter Chiefs chairman Tony Rowe reveals cost of the club’s rebranding

Exeter Chiefs

Exeter Chiefs chairman and chief executive Tony Rowe has revealed that it will cost approximately half a million pounds to change the club’s branding.

Having been criticised for their Native American-themed branding for a number of years, Exeter Chiefs announced yesterday that the club will change their logo at the end of the season.

Exeter have retained the Chiefs name, but they have changed their logo, which now depicts a warrior from the Celtic Iron Age Dumnonii Tribe which were present in the Devon, Cornwall and Somerset area before Roman occupation in 43 AD.

The club’s branding won’t change overnight, as the new logo will be fully launched in July 2022, and Rowe explained that the change will prove to be quite costly for Exeter Chiefs.

Exeter Chiefs

Tony Rowe on the cost of Exeter Chiefs’ rebranding.

“I’m guessing at the moment because we still haven’t had all the stuff back, but it is going to be closing on half a million pound at least to do a brand change,” Rowe explained.

“We’ve had to struggle in the last couple of years with Covid and to get the money to keep us alive and to keep us here. So it is going to be a big challenge but we like challenges at Exeter rugby so we’ll do it.

“It won’t be overnight, we will gradually phase out the old image and bring the new imaging in.”

The club can now fully focus on rugby again.

Exeter Chiefs have experienced a remarkable rise over the last decade or so, as they secured promotion to the Premiership for the first time in 2010, before becoming English champions for the first time in 2017 and won the Heineken Champions Cup for the first time in 2020.

The Native American-themed branding has often been the topic of discussion surrounding the club in recent years however, and has often overshadowed their success.

The Chiefs can now move on from the conversation around their branding and fully focus on attempting to add to the club’s silverware in the years to come.

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