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Exeter Chiefs drop Native American branding, retain same name

Exeter Chiefs

Exeter Chiefs have announced that they will drop their Native American branding at the end of the season, while retaining their name.

The club have decided to launch a “new visual branding” after coming under criticism for their Native American theme from their own supporters and Native American organisations.

Exeter’s new branding is derived from the Celtic Iron Age Dumnonii Tribe, which were present in the Devon, Cornwall and Somerset area before Roman occupation in 43 AD, as well as the ‘Celtic Kingdom of Dumnonia’ which existed between 400 and 900 AD.

Exeter Chiefs chairman Tony Rowe explained the club’s decision for changing their branding while expressing his excitement about the Gallagher Premiership side’s new identity.

Exeter Chiefs chairman Tony Rowe on the change of branding.

“We are excited to welcome in the next era of rugby within Exeter. Exeter has and always will be the most important term in our overall identity,” Rowe said.

“The term Chiefs, however, is equally entrenched in our make-up, going back to over a century ago when teams in this region would regularly call their first teams that of the Chiefs. We are Exeter, we are the Chiefs!

“As a Rugby Club we have been willing to listen, we have consulted far and wide, and now we are ready to invoke change. This is a new direction for our great club, but equally it’s an exciting vision that I’ve no doubt will propel us onwards and upwards over time.

“Our new imagery will bring to life the pride our supporters have to support their club, unifying us all under one brand that underlines all of our core traditions.”

The new branding will be officially launched in July 2022.

The Native American-themed Exeter Chiefs logo will remain in use until the end of the season, with the new logo being launched in July 2022.

Exeter’s new logo features a warrior with a Celtic helmet in the style of La Tène art that was popular in Britain over 2000 years ago.

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