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Ex-Springboks coach believes Rassie Erasmus should be ‘commended’ for ref critique

Springboks Erasmus

Former Springboks head coach Ian McIntosh has argued that Rassie Erasmus should be “commended” for his hour-long video critique of referee Nic Berry.

South Africa’s director of rugby Erasmus will soon face a World Rugby disciplinary hearing for the video which was publicised on Vimeo, which criticised the officiating performance from the first test against the British and Irish Lions.

The video, which World Rugby has said breached their regulations, has been described as a necessary critique by McIntosh in an interview with IOL, as he believes it may force the sport’s administrators revise the laws of the game.

Ian McIntosh on rugby becoming too complicated.

“It is not for me to say whether Rassie used the correct channels but I do feel that something had to be done to gain the attention of the officials because the game has become far too complicated and a stop-start affair,” McIntosh said.

“It has been spoilt for players, coaches and the spectators. The game has become over-officiated because of too many ‘provisions’ being added each year to the laws.

“Instead of World Rugby disciplining Rassie, he should be commended and a committee established to revise the laws which are too many, contradictory, and in some cases, nonsensical.

“Can someone respectfully inform World Rugby that the laws were intended to keep the game flowing, not stop it, and that the referee should become number 31 on the field again and not number one?”

Rassie Erasmus could face severe punishments.

While McIntosh has argued that Erasmus should be commended for the video he made, it is far more likely that he will be punished by World Rugby.

Under World Rugby’s regulation 18, Erasmus could face several kinds of punishment for misconduct. On the lower end of the scale, the Springboks director of rugby could be simply warned over his behaviour or made to pay a fine.

On the higher end of the scale, Erasmus could be suspended from attending a certain number of matches, suspended from being involved in the game in any way or even have the Springbok’s win over the Lions’ cancelled.

The cancellation of any match results is highly unlikely, but it is entirely possible that Erasmus, who often acts as the Springboks‘ water carrier, will be prevented from attending several of South Africa’s upcoming matches.

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