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England prop Joe Marler opens up on his ‘meltdown’ in 2018


England and Harlequins prop Joe Marler has opened up on his “meltdown” back in 2018 which left him feeling “ashamed” of who he was.

Marler has spoken about his mental health issues in the past and has released a new documentary called ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’ which explores the way in which poor mental health can be managed.

The England international was speaking on Good Morning Britain about the new documentary, and revealed his inspiration for taking part in the project.

“It dawned on me when I had a big meltdown in the back end of 2018. I talk about it briefly in the film and I talk about it more in my book. I had lost control and I didn’t like who I was anymore,” Marler explained.

“It just exploded at home and enough was enough. I had upset my wife, I felt ashamed of who I was and what I was doing so I had to go and get help.

“Fortunately, I found someone to help me, a psychiatrist, then had the diagnosis of depression and moved forward on medication.”

‘I was a little bit scared about doing it.’

The documentary, which aired on Wednesday on Sky Sports Arena, follows Marler as he travels around the UK to learn about how people manager their mental health problems.

The 2017 British and Irish Lions tourist admitted that he was nervous to take part in such a project, but was convinced by his director friend, Gray Hughes.

“He came up with the idea ‘look mate, let’s go and meet loads of different people who deal with their mental health struggles in different ways using different techniques and that will help you grow and help you understand how different people deal with different things and how it works for them. It might not work for you, it might work for you, let’s try it. I’ll use a camera to film it all as well.’

“So I went ‘oh, okay, so this seems to be a catch-22. You’re suggesting going to get mental health help but you want to film every moment of it.’

“It was Gray’s idea and we’ve been working on it for a little while and I have to say I was a little bit scared, a little bit nervous, about doing it.”

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