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‘I had to eat through a straw’ – Garry Ringrose nears return from injury


Garry Ringrose is in line to make Ireland’s Six Nations opener against Wales, after recovering from a broken jaw for the second time.

The Leinster and Ireland centre has had some pretty terrible luck as of late, having broken his jaw on two occasions in less than two months.

His first jaw injury came against Italy in the 2020 Six Nations in October, before the 25-year old fractured the other side of his jaw in the Heineken Champions Cup encounter with Northampton.

Ringrose was thankfully able to recover quite quickly from both injuries and explained to the Irish Independent how he managed to fracture both sides of his jaw despite being hit on the same side on both occasions.

“Thankfully there was no displacement. It was just a matter of letting the bone heal, which was a big bonus.

“It obviously meant the injury was a lot shorter and I didn’t have to go through an operation or anything. It was just unlucky, but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as the previous one.


“I hit the side of the previous fracture. Because there are screws and a plate in there, they did their job and held up strongly, but then the other side of the jaw cracked.

“Apparently it isn’t uncommon to get a knock on one side and, whatever the force, [it] gets transferred through the jaw bone and the other side can crack. That’s pretty much what happened,” Ringrose explained.

‘My mum was blending chicken breasts and spuds’

As with most jaw injuries, Ringrose was unable to eat solid foods, and had to rely on the blender to maintain his high-calorie diet.


“I had a prescription for these supplement drinks that are higher in calorie content than protein shakes. Obviously protein shakes have loads of protein, but it was calories that were the big thing for me – just trying to keep them up.

“My mum was blending chicken breasts and spuds and carrots for me to eat through a straw. A lot of soup. I was able to get some really well done porridge in. Towards the latter end, it was some scrambled egg and stuff like that.

“I am back on solid foods now for the last week or two which is another big step. I have been reintroduced to training this week. I have to hit a few markers from the contact perspective. So, it’s going along nicely,” Ringrose said.

While this weekend’s inter-provincial derby between Leinster and Munster may come too soon for the talented centre, Ringrose does have a chance to line out for his country in their opening Six Nations match with Wales.

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